Travel directions

Covid-19 regulations regarding travelling from outside Switzerland will be posted in this page. The current regulations are available here, but changes in the next months are expected.

You can find detailed travel information on the Congressi Stefano Franscini webpage starting from here. Directions are sorted by arrival airport. The two closest and better connected international airports are Zurich (Switzerland) and Milano Malpensa (Italy).

Be advised that the trip from Zurich and Milano airports to Monte Verità will take about 2.5 to 3 hours (waiting time not included).

On Sunday 6. November there will be a 9-seats shuttle bus from Locarno railway station to Monte Verità. The transfer is free of charge, will work on first-come-first-serve basis and cannot be reserved in advance. It will do 6 trips with the following departure times from Locarno:

13.20; 14.00; 14.40; 15.20; 16.00; 16.40


Please note that the information below will apply only in case an on-site conference will be possible. Updates on the current status will be posted on the main page of this site.

Participants will be responsible for booking their accommodation at the Monte Verità hotel (the conference venue) or in other hotels in Ascona. Rooms at Monte Verità will be offered at a special rate and will be available for booking for our participants upon opening of registration. Lodging at Monte Verità can be booked only in combination with the full board package. We strongly recommend to book the full board package also in case of lodging outside Monte Verità.

The registration and board and lodging procedure will be published on this site as soon at it will be open. Booking before we open the procedure will not be possible.

The rooms at Monte Verità will be available on first comes-first serves basis and the special rates will apply only for the days of the conference (earliest possible arrival on Sunday 6. November, latest possible departure on Friday, 11. November). Pre- and/or post-conference nights must be booked separately by contacting the hotel directly and are not eligible for the lower rates.

Board and lodging for the invited speakers will be booked directly by the organizers.

Scam alert: in recent years conference participants and invited speakers have been contacted by individuals claiming to work for a conference's organizing committee and offered assistance for hotel booking, leading to credit card frauds. Please refer only to information that you will receive from our committee by email from Paolo Demaria.